Holiday Confessions (and, of Course, New Year’s Resolutions)

Happy New Year!!  I can’t believe it is already here.  This is going to be a HUGE year for me, and I feel just a little bit like a first-time sky-diver, standing in the doorway of the plane, getting ready to jump.  I KNOW its going to be great – it will be a year FILLED with the accomplishment of long-held goals – but its also a bit daunting.  But what the hell – bring it on, right?! Life is meant to be LIVED – its not meant to be spent hiding away in one little comfy spot forever.  What would be the point of that?

But before I get into the details of what’s cooking for me in 2018, let me give a little update on where I’m at right now.  As far as my nutrition/fitness situation goes, I was doing OK – I maintained through Thanksgiving, and even continued to lose weight up until just before Christmas.  And then, honestly, I just went for it.  Through the Christmas holiday and New Years, I pretty much ate whatever I wanted, drank whatever I wanted and I did not run.  BUT – I’m not apologizing for that, and I really have no regrets.  I had some wonderful times and created some amazing memories with my family and friends, and that is what these holidays are all about – at least that’s what they should be about.  And I didn’t go absolutely crazy – I did still try to make healthy choices most of the time.  But, when I made Christmas cookies with my sister and nephew, I ate one or two.  I didn’t eat TWELVE, mind you – just one or two.  Just for fun – here are some photos of the Christmas cookie project:

So anyway, they were delicious and I ate a couple.  No regrets.  I drank wine with my sister, and when we went camping for New Years Eve, I made my special camping chili – and I ate the camping chili.  Again, no regrets.  It was a great holiday, and through it all, I knew that I was going to gain a few pounds, and I also knew EXACTLY what I was going to do to get back on track after the holiday.  I’m sure others may have a different opinion, but I believe that being healthy and fit is not about deprivation.  There is nothing wrong with enjoying food.  It’s just important to be CONSCIOUS about the decisions that you are making, with a clear knowledge of the impact that what you are putting in your mouth is going to have on your body.  And, its also important to be committed to your health overall, and to make primarily healthy choices that will support you in your goals.  But to cling to steely will-power to the extent that it prevents me from fully enjoying a once-a-year holiday with my family and friends – not my style and no thank-you.

So, just before Christmas, my weight was 141 pounds, which is right about where I want to be.  Yesterday morning, I was 148 pounds – so 7 pounds of weight gain total.  Still 20 pounds down from where I was when I started working on weight loss, so not bad at all.  Here’s what amazes me though – I started back on 5 Optavia fuelings per day plus 1 lean and green meal yesterday, and after only one day of that, I’m 145.2 today!  So, my plan is to continue on 5 and 1 until Sunday, and then I will need to go back to 3 lean and green meals plus 3 Optavia fuelings a day because I will also be doing a LOT of running, and I need the fuel.  I’m pretty sure by Sunday or Monday, I will be right back down to 140 give or take, and ready to really start training for the races I have planned this year.

So that’s where I’m at – here’s where I’m headed in 2018:  First and foremost, I will be finishing my master’s degree in nursing this year, and this time next year, I will be getting ready to write my board exams to be licensed as a family nurse practitioner.  So that means full-time classes, plus over 600 clinical hours in the upcoming year!  Pretty crazy right?  But it will be SO worth it once I get that done.  I have been wanting to do this for over 10 years, and now I’m finally doing it!!  The other thing that I’ve been wanting to do for EVER is run in the Boston Marathon, and this year, I have a plan to make that happen:  I’m going to run the full marathon in San Diego on June 3 – no time goal or anything, I just love that race and run it almost every year – that will get me my base training, and it will be a warm up for what’s next.  In early October – I can’t remember the exact date now – I will run the St George marathon – that race is a Boston qualifier, which means that, as long as I make the time requirement for my age group in that race, I will be qualified to register for the Boston marathon!!  That time requirement is 3 hours and 55 minutes, so I’m shooting to run the St George marathon at about an 8:30 pace – which is crazy-fast to me.  BUT, I know I can do it if I work hard.  So that’s the plan.  In addition to that, I also signed up with for their 1000 miles in a year challenge – which should be a piece of cake with all the marathon training I’ll be doing.  So, its going to be a really BIG and very busy year.  I know it might seem crazy to try to do all of this at the same time (especially since I also have 2 jobs and a husband and 4 kids – one of whom is a toddler) but for me, this looks like BALANCE.  School, work, family – all of that stuff is important, and necessary and are all priorities that I will do anything for.  The running though, is 100% for me.  That is what will keep me sane through all of this, as crazy as that may sound.  Running is my therapy.  It’s my time to think, to be alone, to work out frustrations, to meditate and celebrate.  I love it.  So, I’m a little nervous, I won’t lie – I know I’m taking on a lot – but mostly, I’m EXCITED.

Bring it on, 2018!

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