What I Ate Wednesday!

Well, it’s been a pretty successful week so far in terms of my progress with the weight loss.  This morning, I was exactly 150 pounds – so that’s 17.8 pounds lost in just over six weeks, and I am now only 5 pounds away from my goal!!  I’m feeling pretty good.  I’ve been really, really busy, so that makes sticking with the nutrition plan pretty easy.  I don’t really have time to think about food much.  I’m in the last two weeks of the semester in school, so two weeks from now I will have year one done and I will only have one more year to go to finish my master’s degree in nursing and then I will finally be a Family Nurse Practitioner! (well, after I pass the board exam, that is) Even though its been tough, I know that it will be SO worth it in the end.  This has been a goal of mine for a long time.

If everything pans out according to plan, 2019 will be a pretty big year for me.  There are 3 things on my current vision board that I have not yet accomplished:  running the Boston Marathon, becoming a family nurse practitioner, and building our dream log cabin on a nice piece of land  – most likely in Montana.  My husband and I both have a secret passion for the idea of a homesteading way of life.  So, I will be done with my master’s degree at the end of 2018 and will be writing my boards and beginning working as an FNP in 2019.  I also plan to run the St George marathon in October of 2018, which is a Boston qualifier – so the plan is to qualify for and run the Boston marathon in April of 2019.  So, that will be two HUGE goals of mine attained in the same year.  And, actually, there’s a good chance we will be ready to make a move by then too – we’ve really just been waiting for our son Zachary to finish high school, and he graduates in 2018 – so I guess I’ll need to start thinking about some new goals soon!  I’ve had the same ones for so long, I’m really not sure where I’ll go from there at this point.  It’s always important to have goals though, so I will give it some serious thought.

So anyway – I wanted to give an overview in this post on what I typically eat in a day at this point in time.  This is the meal plan that has been responsible for the roughly 5 pounds that I’ve lost in the past week, and the almost 18 pounds I’ve lost overall.  This is what I ate yesterday, but its pretty typical of what I usually eat.

So, breakfast was zucchini pancakes with two slices of turkey bacon.  I would normally just have an Optavia fueling when I wake up in the morning, but I had a few of these breakfasts prepped in the fridge and I wanted to use them up so I’ve been eating them for breakfast.  I always eat my first meal of the day within an hour of waking up, even though I’m not super-hungry at that time usually.  I also usually have two cups of black coffee in the morning, and I try to get started on getting my water in early as well.  I try to get 3-4 liters of water in every day, which I really feel helps immensely with weight loss.  The only way to get that amount of water in though, is to always have a water bottle with me, and take a drink pretty much every time I look at it.  As I’m writing this, it’s 8:16am and I have already had 1 liter.  Anyway, here’s a photo of breakfast:


This is actually a pretty substantial meal.  It’s basically shredded zucchini with egg whites, a little bit of potato flour and some cotija cheese.  The bacon is Jennie-O, which is my preference for turkey bacon.  It’s crispier than Oscar Meyer.  This meal is 185 calories, 6.7g carbs, 11g fat, 12.7g protein.  This is obviously, higher in calories than an Optavia fueling usually is, but since its the first meal of the day and I’m usually pretty active, it seems to be fine.  I ate this at around 6:00am

At 9am, I had an Optavia fueling – it was the Chia Bliss Smoothie, which is 110 calories, 1g fat, 11g protein.  This is not my favorite of the Optavia shakes, although it’s good – just not my favorite.  I just had only one left in the box so I decided to use it up.


Of course, I had the ever-present water with it.  I make these shakes with about 1/4 cup of ice and 1 cup of water.  I mix it all up in my Nutri-Bullet and it comes out really thick and creamy.  The ice makes a HUGE difference.

I had to go to work at noon yesterday, so I had my next fueling a bit early – around 11:30 – because I knew I would not have a chance to eat once I was working and I didn’t want to end up going 5 or 6 hours without a fueling.  I had the Optavia Rustic Tomato Penne – which is 110 calories, 11g protein, 1.5g fat.  This fueling has a soy-based “meaty” tomato sauce (although there isn’t actually any meat in it) – so I like to mix this up with some chopped romaine lettuce.  The lettuce only adds about 8 calories to the meal and very little carb, and it’s delicious.  It tastes a lot like a taco salad, and it makes for a pretty satisfying lunch.


I had a LaCroix peach-pear flavored sparkling water with it.  I’ve definitely developed a LaCroix habit with this nutrition plan – it helps me a lot when I’m feeling a little hungry.

I got really busy once I was at work, and so it was 3:30 before I had time for another fueling – this is not ideal – the goal is to try to eat a small meal every 2-3 hours, but it couldn’t be helped in this case.  I did get my third liter of water in though, prior to this fueling.


These are the Optavia Jalapeno Cheddar Poppers – 110 calories, 11g protein, 1 g fat – I really like these.  They are nice and crunchy with just a little kick, which is good.  They make a really good afternoon snack.

I had dinner at around 5:30, and it was a lean and green meal that I had prepared on Sunday – it’s a stir-fry with 6oz chicken breast and 1 1/2 cups of veggies including bok choy, broccoli, mushrooms, red pepper, onion and garlic.  This is about 257 calories, 8.3g carb, 7g fat, 43.2g protein.  It is REALLY tasty!


The picture does not do it justice.  This is a delicious meal.  The water in the background is my 4th liter of the day, so I hit my goal! 🙂

Later in the evening, at about 7:30 – I had my final fueling of the day.  I like to make this one kind of a treat, so I usually go for one of the dessert-style Optavia fuelings with a cup of Sleepytime herbal tea.  Last night I had the Spiced Gingerbread, which is 110 calories, 11g protein and 5g sugar.  This comes like a mix, which is mixed with 3 tbsps. of water, and then baked in the oven in its own little container that comes with it.  It’s wonderful eaten warm, right out of the oven with some tea.  I put my feet up to enjoy this while watching an episode of Game of Thrones (my husband and I are in the process of re-watching the whole series).


So that’s what I usually eat in a day.  Not bad, right? Sure, sometimes I just want to eat half a pizza, but this nutrition program is actually filled with a lot of good food – and it makes me feel good.  Also, by sticking with this (for the most part) for the past six weeks, I now have back the body that I haven’t seen in at least 10 years – probably more like 15, really.  That’s it for today – only 5 pounds to go!!!


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