Meal Prep Day and Five-Week Weigh-In

First things first – as of today, I am 152.8 pounds.  When I started this weight loss program 5 weeks ago, I was 167.8 pounds, so I have now lost exactly 15 pounds in the past five weeks.  I am SUPER-EXCITED about that!!!  We didn’t do measurements or take any photos today because we were busy with meal prep, but we will do that soon.

So today was meal prep day, and it was a fun but busy day because we are now prepping breakfast, lunch and dinner and this week we also prepared enough food so that Justin and our 16-year-old, Zach are also eating what I’m eating.  My meals are in pre-measured, separately packed portions so that I know exactly what the calorie count is, and then we just packed up all the rest so that Justin and Zach can eat the same thing, but bigger portions – since they are both very low body-fat people to begin with, and although they do need to eat healthy, nutritious food as much as anybody else, they are not trying to lose weight so they don’t need to keep close track of calories like I do.

This week, we made two different things for breakfast.  First, we made mushroom and pepper jack egg muffins:

These are really easy to make – its just a mixture of egg whites and some whole eggs with some salt and pepper, divided between muffin tin cups that have been sprayed with cooking spray.  Each one has a few sliced mushrooms and about a teaspoon of shredded pepper jack cheese in it.  They go in the oven for about 25 minutes at 350 degrees.  I also added 2 slices of turkey bacon.  Two egg muffins and two slices of turkey bacon is 173 calories.  Justin will eat one whole wheat English muffin with each one – like a sandwich – so two English muffins, but I will only eat one and have it open-face, so the total for the meal for me will be 293 calories.

Our other option for breakfast is savory zucchini pancakes, which are made with shredded zucchini, egg whites, a little bit of potato flour, some salt and pepper and some cotija cheese:

The total calories for this whole breakfast – which is about 3 pancakes with 2 slices of turkey bacon, is 330 calories, and these pancakes are delicious – I love them!

For lunch, we made a shrimp salad, which has 1 cup of romaine lettuce, 3 oz of cooked shrimp, 1 hard boiled egg and 1/2 cup of chopped red pepper.  Like I’ve been doing lately with all my salads, we just put a squeeze of lemon juice, a little salt and lots of pepper on the salad and it is SO GOOD, and so filling!

This salad is 185 calories and has 25g protein, 7g carbs, 6g fat.  Here’s a pic also of Justin helping me prepare today’s meals.  Even though doing all of this meal-prep takes quite a bit of our time on Sundays, we really do enjoy it, and doing it together makes it fun.  Plus, we get to have the huge sense of accomplishment that comes with knowing that our meals are all ready to go, and we are all set up for success as far as our nutrition plan goes for the whole week.  It’s really worth the work.

Our other lunch option this week is black bean fajita salad:


This is a mixture of red pepper, onion, and mushrooms, sautéed with some cooking spray, along with one spicy black bean burger, cooked and chopped, 1/4 of an avocado, and 1 tbsp. of shredded pepper jack cheese, all served over 2 cups of raw baby spinach.  This meal is a total of 301 calories.  Justin will probably eat this with a whole wheat tortilla.  For me, since the calorie count of this meal is a lot higher than the other lunch, I will eat this for lunch on the 4 days this week that I will be running.

For dinner, we made three different things.  We made sirloin beef kabobs:

So this is 5 oz of sirloin, marinated in a balsamic vinegar marinade, with mushrooms, grape tomatoes, and red and green pepper.  We just cooked them on the grill.  My portion is 250 calories and has 26g protein, 12g fat and 10g carbs.  Justin and Zach will probably eat this with some brown rice.

The next dinner option is cod with cucumber and tomato salsa:

So this is 7oz of cod, which I just seasoned and then cooked with some cooking spray in my cast iron skillet.  It is served with a salsa made from cucumbers, tomatoes, green onion and cilantro over 2 cups of romaine lettuce.  This meal is 168 calories with 30g protein, 1g fat and 5g carb.

Finally, we also made some marinated grilled chicken with broccoli:

This one is 195 calories, 33g protein, 7g fat, 10g carb.  So that’s it for our meal prep for this week!  Here’s how it all looks all packed up in our extra fridge in the garage:


I think that’s pretty cool.  And now, we have no reason at all to not eat well and on track with our program this week!  Bring it, week 6 – only 7.2 pounds to go for me to reach my goal!












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