It’s Been a Great Week!

I am feeling GREAT today, so I figured I would put some of this energy I have into a blog post. 🙂  This week I have been able to turn around and eliminate all of my transgressions from last weekend, and my weight as of this morning is now 154.2 pounds!  So I have come back down about 4 pounds this week.  This is really good news, especially since I have started to reintroduce some additional food and about 250 calories per day into my nutrition plan this week.  The other great thing about this week is that I have started running again.  I ran three times this week – just 1.5 miles each time – but I don’t even know how to explain how much better it feels to run now that I’ve gotten rid of 14 pounds of excess flab.  I think its more than the weight loss though – its also the quality of the fuel that I’ve been putting into my body, along with lots and lots of water, as well as the absence of all of the toxic garbage that I was eating before.  So, I know that most people are not anywhere near as interested in my running stats as I am, but here they are for this week anyway:

I’m sharing this because, I want to talk about the pace.  So, I have been a runner for over 20 years – always longer-distance.  I have run lots of races – 5k’s, 10k’s, a handful of half-marathons and one full-marathon.  I have also done several short-distance triathlons and have done pretty well in some of them.  At the peak of my training – I’m talking about a time when I was running 20-30 miles, biking 60-100 miles and swimming over 10,000 yards PER WEEK – I could run comfortably at a pace of 8:30 min/mile.  Over the past couple of years, with doing IVF, having a baby and all of that, I let the training slide dramatically and gained a bunch of weight, and as a result, my running pace has suffered terribly.  I’ve been slogging along at 10-12 mins/mile and HATING every second of it because I just Felt. So. Crappy.  SO! Now, to be able to just bounce out the door and knock out an easy 1.5 miles at a 9.04 pace, feeling great the whole time – I mean seriously – there was no pushing on these runs – its just magical.  It’s so cool.  I don’t know what’s better, honestly – being able to do this and feeling this way or now fitting into all of the size small clothes that have been collecting dust in my closet. 🙂

I have always been a person who relied almost entirely on training and working out to maintain my weight.  I’ve been really fit and healthy and have been able to do a lot of things that way, but I have ALWAYS struggled with being heavier than I wanted to be.  Even when I was running/biking/swimming over 100 miles a week, I weighed more than I do now, and I was unhappy with the extra weight that I always carried, which I knew was slowing me down.  I have always known that nutrition was important, but I really didn’t realize just how important it is until now.  It really is everything – not that exercise and training are not important.  They are, but that is a small piece of a much bigger puzzle.  Its also not just about calorie-counting.  Eating small amounts of garbage, sugar and fat – even if it all falls below a certain calorie goal for the day will not get you very far in terms of your overall health, fitness and weight because of the way the human body responds to high amounts of sugar, fat and simple carbohydrates.  So it’s really, REALLY important for the food to not only be calorically limited, it’s also key for it to be high-quality and nutrient-dense.  And THAT is where the results that I’ve been able to achieve in just one month come from – after YEARS of struggling and trying other stuff that doesn’t work.

So, that’s pretty cool.  Just to give a little recap – here’s what I’m generally eating in a day right now:

Breakfast is at about 6am – within one hour of waking up – this week it has consisted of an egg white scramble with spinach, mushrooms, turkey bacon and tomatoes11 1 1

Then, about 3 hours later – so at around 9am – I have a snack.  Today, because I was home, I made this chocolate chip pancake, but other days, if I’m busy, I’ll just have a bar or a shake or something like that.  This food comes from Optavia – which is the nutrition plan that I’ve been on since October 1 – these fuelings all have the same basic nutritional content and number of calories, so there are all different kinds of foods to choose from that are all interchangeable and are all about 110 calories with 11g protein, low fat, low sugar.

That’s my husband, Justin – enjoying his pancake.  He has been on the Optavia 5 and 1 plan since Thursday – which is 5 of these fuelings plus one lean and green meal every 2-3 hours throughout the day – and he has lost 6.4 pounds!  He is going to be getting on a 3 lean and green meals plus 3 snacks plan with me in the upcoming week because he didn’t have much to lose.  BUT his little pot-belly that he had been cultivating is now GONE! (sorry, honey)

So then, for lunch, at around noon, I’ve been having a salad with grilled chicken:

11 1 2

And then at around 3pm, another Optavia fueling – usually in the afternoon I like to have something crunchy and snacky so I love these Jalapeno Cheddar Poppers: 20171104_120526

Then, by about 5pm, I’m getting pretty hungry – so I eat my most substantial meal of the day, which always consists solely of lean protein and vegetables.  Last night I had zucchini noodles with tomatoes and turkey meatballs:

11 1 3

Then, before going to bed – usually around 8pm – I have one more fueling from Optavia – they have a few different little cake-type options – my favorites are the Spiced Gingerbread and the Chocolate Brownie – last night I had the chocolate brownie – but I didn’t take a picture of it.  Here’s what it looks like though:20171104_121257

I usually have this with some herbal tea after I get the baby to bed and have a little time to relax and unwind.  Take note though, that even though this is, technically, a brownie, and is delicious – it is still a high quality, high protein, low fat, low calorie food.  That’s important.  Its yummy though – I like it because you just add some water to the mix and put it in the oven for 20 minutes and you have a lovely little warm treat.

So, there you have it – that’s what I eat in a day and where I’m at as a result.  Tomorrow, we are going to do some meal prep for the upcoming week and make some adjustments to Justin’s nutrition plan so that he doesn’t continue to lose weight, but is still filling himself with good quality fuel to support him as he begins his training for some upcoming triathlons and races.  We’ll keep ya posted!




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