Well, It’s Been One Month Today….

I’m still here!!  My blogging consistency has gone straight into the toilet, but I’m still managing to keep everything else going! Here’s an update on where I’m at with everything:

When I started this quest for a slimmer, healthier me, I said that I would commit to the nutrition plan that I’ve been following for 30 days and then see where I’m at.  That is exactly what I have done so far.  As far as the nutrition plan itself goes, I have stuck to it faithfully through ups and downs, parties, illnesses, stress and weight-loss plateaus.  It has not been easy, but it has been effective.  As of today, my total body fat% is 24.7!!  When I started one month ago, it was 31.5%.  I’m continuing to lose inches – my bust/waist/hips a month ago was 39/36.25/42.5 and now its 38.5/33.75/40.5 – so I’ve lost 2.5 inches from my waist and 2 inches from my hips.  Gotta love that!  Clothes fit me completely differently as a result of those inches lost.  I also notice that my double-chin is going away and my arm flab has decreased considerably.  So now, let’s talk about weight.

My weight today is actually up from last week – it is 156.8 pounds – and I am going to blame that on one thing: alcohol.  Last weekend provided me with an excellent illustration of just how badly alcohol can mess up a weight loss/fitness regimen.  Last Thursday, I was actually 154.8 pounds, and then on Friday night, we had a party and I had about 4 glasses of wine and 2 shots of Fireball.  I ate one bowl of white chicken chili, but otherwise stuck with the nutrition plan.  On Saturday night, I went to another party for Halloween and I did the same thing.  On Sunday, I was 158 pounds!!!!!  So I gained 3.2 pounds from 2 nights of alcohol indulgence.  I didn’t eat any of the party food – that’s 100% because of drinking.  I just think that’s crazy.  So anyway, I won’t be doing that again – I have been completely sticking with it since the weekend, and now I’m steadily going back down.  Here’s a pic of my progress:


The changes at this point are pretty subtle as far as what you can see.  It’s more about how I feel at this point.  I am still going to stick with it until I reach my goal of 145 pounds, however I have made some small changes this week.  The five pre-packaged fuelings/one lean and green meal plan that I’ve been on is designed for simple, rapid weight loss, but the overall nutrition plan is really meant to help me to learn to develop new healthy habits that will eventually become a way of life.  So, there is a book that is part of this plan with tons of information on how to turn the results from the initial phase of the plan into a lifetime of new habits and a healthy, sexy bod.  I’m not going to go into detail about all of the science and all that but, given that a) my BMI is now 24.6 and b) I’ve been itching to start getting back into running, I’m slowly and carefully adding some extra calories and real food back into my diet.  I’ve been doing that since Monday and I’m still losing, so I guess so far, so good.  So here’s what a typical day looks like now:

Breakfast is 3/4 cup of egg white, 1 cup spinach, 1/4 cup mushrooms, 1/2 cup tomatoes and 2 slices of turkey bacon – all chopped up and mixed together in a scramble.  It looks like this: (for me, I’ve found that its much easier to eat right when I plan ahead and prepare things so I made enough for the week)

11 1 1

This breakfast is a total of 210 calories, 24.3g protein, 5.9g fat, 12g carbohydrate.  It’s also delicious.  So I eat that within an hour of waking up and then 3 hours later, I have a fueling – usually a bar or a shake.  Then, 3 hours after that, I have a salad  made up of 1 cup of romaine lettuce, 1 cup chopped red peppers and 3 oz grilled chicken breast.  I just put pepper and lemon juice on it, and it is delicious:

11 1 2

This is 200 calories with 28.7g protein, 3.4g fat and 12g carb, and its very satisfying.  3 hours after this, I have another fueling, then one of my usual lean and green meals and then one last fueling 3 hours after that.  So, I’ve basically replaced 2 of the pre-packaged fuelings with regular food I made myself, and I’ve added about 210 calories per day to my overall nutrition plan.  I’ve also started running this week – nothing crazy at this point – I’m just running 1.5 miles 3 times this week but WOW! it sure does feel better to run 10 pounds lighter!

As I go along I will be increasing my exercise so I will be also increasing my caloric intake.  But I will still be careful to keep my nutrition high-quality, even as the calorie count goes up.  So that means low-glycemic index, fresh, healthy foods.  It might seem like a lot of work, planning and preparing my food like this right now, but really, it took about 3 hours altogether on Sunday to prepare everything and then clean up, and now for the rest of the week meal prep and clean up takes about 3 minutes per meal – so really, that 3 hour investment on the weekend gives me a lot of extra time during the busy week and it ensures that I will stay on track!



2 thoughts on “Well, It’s Been One Month Today….

  1. Oh girl,
    I so relate to your post!
    Today is MY first day of zero alcohol, refined sugar and I’m planning to hold thru for at least 30 days!
    Our measurements are crazy similar and I think back at when we first met at the pool.
    I thought you looked so beautiful and though that hasn’t changed, because I also know that you are beautiful on the inside, I totally empathize with the feeling of your body ‘letting you down’!
    So I want you to know that you have not just made a difference in your own life and health with your posts and blogs, but also in mine.
    Thank you for that!!!


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