Still Hangin’ in There!

Hi! This is just going to be a quick update because I have about 3 hours of work left on a big group project for my differential diagnosis class, that I wanted to finish tonight.  I just finished putting Landon to bed – which is a process that includes a bath, brushing his teeth, lotion, pajamas, reading him AT LEAST three books, a lullaby and then a tuck-in.  Usually, by the time we’re done with all of that, I’m ready for a tuck-in myself! 🙂  Justin is out of town for his job – he left yesterday afternoon, and he’s coming back late tomorrow night, so I’m on single-parent duty right now as well.  My school schedule right now is a bit crazy – I have this big project, which is worth 100 points and is due on Sunday.  I have a pharmacology paper also due this week on Friday.  I have a pharmacology exam and a differential diagnosis exam next week, and a pharmacology case study due next week.  AND, I work three days this week – yesterday, tomorrow and Friday – and three days next week – Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  I think Landon is still working on getting his immune system accustomed to daycare because it seems like he’s just got a perpetual low-grade illness going on now.  It’s making him quite clingy, but really, really cuddly – so I’m not complaining about that.  I would really like to see him feeling better though!  Today I took him for two 2-mile walks and also took him to the playground to swing, which is one of his favorite things to do – just to keep him in a good mood.  We won’t even talk about the state of the vacuuming, dusting and kitchen floor right now….

So anyway, this blog is not supposed to be about me complaining about my life (and I’m not really complaining – my life is wonderful – its just super-busy!)  I’m supposed to be talking about my weight loss, because that’s what I said I would do.  Let me just say this though – nobody can ever tell me that this weight loss plan doesn’t work for people with busy schedules! 🙂

With all that being said! – this morning, my weight was 158.2 pounds! It is day 17 and I have now lost a total of 9.6 pounds.  So, I’m still sticking with the plan, and I’m still steadily losing weight.  I’m feeling good – its hard at times, I guess.  There are just times when I want something that I can’t have right now, and there are times when I get a little hungry – but its really not too bad.  Whenever I feel tempted to cheat on the plan, I just think about my goal and that keeps me on track.  I was really excited this morning because I pulled out some clothes that have been put away for a long, long time because they just didn’t fit me anymore, and some of them actually fit!! So that was exciting.  When they all fit, that will REALLY be exciting!  I ALMOST feel confident enough about the way I look to pull out some of my sexy lingerie to welcome Justin home with…..almost – not quite yet! 😉  But two weeks ago?  Not a snowball’s chance in hell. Haha

Anyway – that’s all for now – I’m going to eat my warm chocolate brownie (which is part of the plan!!) – and get back to the books.


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