Two Weeks In, 8.4 Pounds Down!

As of today, I have been on this weight loss journey for exactly two weeks!  So, once again, we did my measurements and body fat.  Here’s where I’m at:  My weight this morning was 159.4.  On Oct 1st, my weight was 167.8, last Sunday it was 162 – so, I’ve lost 8.4 pounds altogether, and 2.6 pounds since last Sunday.  I’m pretty excited about 8 1/2 pounds in two weeks, I’ve gotta say! My body fat today is 28.5%.  On October 1st it was 31.5% so I’ve lost a total of 3% of my body fat.  On October 1st, my bust/waist/hips were 39″/35.25/42.5 and today they are 39″/34.25/41.  My BMI when I started this was 26.3, which was in the “overweight” range and now its 25.0, which is in the “normal” range!!!  I’m really, really excited with these results in just two weeks.  Also, my clothes are fitting better – some are starting to get too big – and I feel really good.  Here are my pics from October 1 and today:

I’m not at my goal yet – I still have about 14 pounds to go, but I’m pretty happy with where I’m at so far!

So, the details of what I’m eating every day really haven’t changed since day 1 – this morning I had a bar at 6:30, and then because I was busy with my meal prep for the week I just had another bar at 9:30.  I had a chia bliss shake at 12:30, and I’m going to have a nice, warm cheddar biscuit at 3:30.  I’ll have my lean and green meal at 6:30 and then I’ll have a warm chocolate brownie at 9-ish.  And that’s a typical day – along with at least 60 oz of water – usually more – and a couple cups of coffee.  Yesterday I ordered some more food for my fuelings, which I’m excited about because I’ve got some different stuff coming – so I’ll share all that once it gets here.

Today is also meal prep day, which is always fun!

day15 1

The last time I made salmon for my lean and greens, it was just so heavenly – I had to make it again.  So, I seasoned the salmon with a greek seasoning blend that I have, which I love, and then I just cooked it with some cooking spray in my cast iron skillet.  To go along with it, I made some spinach – so each meal will be 5oz salmon and 11/2 cups of spinach.

It’s gonna be delicious!!

I’ve found that making 2 different things and just alternating them each evening is fine for me, and it makes the meal prep quite a bit more simple – so I’m just going with that for now.  Once I reach my weight goal, I will be eating meals like this for breakfast and lunch as well, so I will still prep ahead, but I will probably make 4 or 5 different things instead of just 2.  So, for my other meal, I made turkey burgers with zucchini and cauliflower.  For the turkey burgers, I used super-lean ground turkey, mixed in a little egg white, some salt, lots of pepper and garlic powder.  I measured out 7oz of the meat mixture with my kitchen scale, and then I mixed in 1/2 cup of grated zucchini with the meat mixture to make the burgers.  The grated zucchini keeps the turkey burgers nice and moist.  This made for some HUGE burgers!!  I was going to mash the cauliflower, but after I steamed it, I just decided to leave it in florets, and I added a little bit of chive from the garden.

I can’t wait to eat this – I think I will be having some of this tonight. 🙂  So, these portions are following the guidance that is part of the nutrition plan that I’m on.  When I first started this, I thought that I might find the portions a bit small because I was used to eating HUGE platefuls of food – and sometimes getting seconds.  Basically, I my pattern was to eat until I was so stuffed that I could not possibly eat another bite.  This is a big part of the reason for the “before” photos that you see above.  As I’m getting further into this though, I’m finding that this is actually more than enough food for one meal.  I’m now at a point where I am often feeling full and I still have food left on my plate.  I seems like my stomach has now gotten used to the smaller portions and it’s now plenty.  So that’s pretty cool because not only does that help me a lot with weight control, I feel way better after a meal as well.  It’s like being on this nutrition plan is teaching me how to eat properly, so I will have entirely different eating habits, even after this initial weight loss phase is over.

So that’s it for today – Happy Sunday!!

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