Day 4 – Is What I’m Doing Really Healthy?

This morning, the scale said 163.6!!  That is 4.4 pounds lost in 4 days!  I am actually quite surprised at the results I’ve been getting so far, especially since I’ve been unable to lose any weight at all for the past year, and now I’m averaging a pound down per day! I know that if it were me reading this blog and following along on this journey, there might come a point where I would be thinking “can this really be healthy?”.  So, since I know that I might be thinking that, and because others have mentioned the same question to me before, I’m pretty sure that most people following this blog are wondering the same thing.  Now that I’ve brought it up, I guess if you weren’t before, you probably are now. Haha.

The plan that I’m currently on is definitely quite calorie-restricted, and once I reach my goal weight, which will put me at a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) of 22.9, I will adjust my nutrition plan based on my daily caloric demand to support me as I begin running and exercising again.  I will explain how I go about doing that when I’m at that stage.  This current plan, which is the key to reaching that goal, is also teaching me new healthy habits, and helping my body to become accustomed to a new way of eating so that I don’t feel tempted to go right back to the old eating habits that were making me overweight, tired and depressed. Since I’ve started it, I do feel a little hungry sometimes, but overall, I feel really good – SO much better than I did on my old eating habits, so I just can’t really imagine why I would ever go back to that now. It also consists completely of  low fat, low sugar, low salt, lower carbohydrate (low to zero bad carbohydrate), high protein food.  So, given all that, yes, I think its healthy.

It’s kind of funny, isn’t it? That its in our nature to even ask the question, when we see someone doing something that is causing them to lose weight and change their unhealthy lifestyle.  There is always that little voice that wants to say “this can’t be good for you, can it?”  Why do we do that? Why do the questions and judgments come out when we see someone taking steps to take on their weight, and do something about it?  And yet we can sit down with that same, overweight, unhealthy person and split a pizza and a pitcher of beer with them and nary a question crosses our minds about whether what they are doing is healthy.  It’s just weird – but anyway….

I was off today, so I’ve been home all day studying.  It is definitely a bit more of a challenge to stick to this program when all I’m doing is studying.  Its way easier when I’m really active and busy.  Doing this thing has made me realize just how often I think about food and have a desire to eat something when I’m really not hungry at all.  I never really paid any attention to that before but now, when I’m thinking about eating one of my snacks a little early, or just the thought of food comes to mind, I can stop and ask myself “why do I want to eat? am I really hungry, or is it just out of habit or boredom that I’m craving a snack?”  Much of the time when I do that, I really am not hungry, which makes me realize just how often before, I was eating for reasons other than my body’s need for nutrition.  Interesting.

So this morning, I got up at 5am to get some studying in before Landon woke up and had two cups of black coffee.  At around 6:30, I had a chia bliss smoothie, which I’ve had before so you can look back at my other blogs for more details about that.  The smoothies and shakes are all really good and quite filling.  I took Landon out for a 2 mile walk, and by the time I got back I was feeling quite hungry.  Since I was home all day today, I decided to try some of the things that require a little extra preparation, and save the bars for when I’m at work.  So, after we came back from the walk I had a Golden Chocolate Chip Pancake (110 calories, 11g protein, 4 g sugar).

The photo on the left is my chia bliss smoothie.  The pancake was really good (although, admittedly, kinda small).  It was easy to make too.  Just like a regular pancake mix, I just mixed it with some water and sprayed a pan with cooking spray and then cooked it like any other pancake.  I could have had it with some sugar-free syrup, but it was sweet enough for me with just the chocolate chips.  So I ate that at around 8:30.  I wasn’t hungry anymore after I ate it, even though I probably would have eaten four of them in the past.

At around 11:00, I had Roasted Garlic Creamy Smashed Potatoes (110 calories, 11g protein, 0.5g fat).  They were alright, but not fantastic, honestly.  I think they just made me miss regular mashed potatoes, so there are things I would rather eat than this.



Like I mentioned earlier, since I was studying all day (I have a pharmacology exam tomorrow evening), I was really feeling an urge to snack.  So I ate again at 1:30.  This time I tried the Buttermilk Cheddar Herb Biscuit (110 calories, 11g protein, 3g fat).  This also is just a mix that you mix up with water in a little container that comes with it, and then you cook it in the microwave or oven.  I used the oven, and it was really good.  It came out nice and fluffy.  It had a strong rosemary flavor so if you don’t like rosemary, you wouldn’t like this, but I thought it was very tasty and satisfying.  At around 3 I had some Honey Mustard and Onion Sticks.  This is the third time I’ve had those, so they are definitely one of my favorites. (photo and details in previous blogs)

For dinner today, I cooked roast beef because I was feeling a bit sorry for Justin and Zachary, who have been fending for themselves since I have been on this nutrition plan. According to the directions for my lean and green meals, I can have 5 oz of cooked beef, so I had that for dinner with 1 cup of romaine lettuce, 1/2 cup red pepper, 1/2 cup of diced tomatoes.


I was going to put balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing on the veggies, but then I looked at the nutrition facts and realized that there are 80 calories in 2 tbsps. of that dressing!!  So, instead, I just put a little bit of salt and a lot of pepper on it and it was really delicious.  There is plenty of flavor in red pepper and tomato – salad dressing is not needed!  But I was shocked at that.  80 calories??!!  Its really no wonder we all struggle to lose weight, even when we think we’re eating healthy.

So that was my day today – I’m back at work tomorrow, so I will be busy, which is good!  Please send me those “A” vibes for my exam tomorrow!  Thanks for following!

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