Dropping the Baby Weight – Day 3

Ok! Soo….only three days into this and I am SUPER-EXCITED because as of when I weighed myself this morning, I have already lost 3 pounds!!!  I know that may not seem like all that much, but I swear – that scale has been stuck at 168 or higher for so long, seeing 165 on that display seems like a freaking miracle!

And, I actually feel really good.  I think I’m starting to feel the benefits of eating SO much more healthy than I was before.  What I notice most about how I feel at this point is that I just have more energy and focus.  Before, I would be exhausted and just feeling like I was ready to go to bed by 8 or 830 every night.  There would be no way I could focus on school work.  Last night, I was on fire – studying until 9pm, learning how to read EKG’s and I was actually able to retain everything I studied.  What’s really cool is that it hasn’t been that hard to stick to so far.  BUT – I will say this – I think a big part of that is how motivated I am by those around me who are supporting me towards my goal.  It keeps me accountable.  I really think that is a key because I know that if I were to try to do this on my own, and keep what I’m up to, to myself, I would probably cheat.

The other thing that is huge motivation for me now, is just seeing the progress that I’m already making.  That is really, really exciting – so, I think another key to the plan that I’m following is that it’s really hard to screw up.  There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to eat healthy – and I’ve been down this road before – doing meal preps and trying to eat the right things and whatnot – on my own, and not getting any results because of wrong portions, hidden calories that I didn’t take into account, etc.  SO! So far, so good – I’m gonna keep going. 🙂

So here’s what I ate yesterday:

So the first thing I had was a “Silky Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Bar” (110 calories, 11g protein, 5g sugar).  It was just “ok” – not as good as the bar I had on the first day, but it was alright.  I ate that at around 7am I think – not sure.  Next was a “Wild Strawberry Shake” (100 calories, 14g protein, 6g sugar), which I had at around 10am.  It was really good, and very filling.  At around noon, I had “Homestyle Chicken and Vegetable Noodle Soup”(100 calories, 12g protein, 1g fat).  I was quite surprised at how good this was.  It was a bit complicated to make, with various different cooking and resting times in the microwave, but the broth was creamy, and it had plenty of noodles.  I had to resist the temptation to add salt to it – but I am trying to train my palate to enjoy less salty food.  I’m a bit of a salt fanatic, which is not good for the blood pressure, or for water retention so I need to change that.  At around 2pm I had “Honey Mustard and Onion Sticks” (110 calories, 11g protein, 1.5g fat) and they were GOOD – perfect mid-afternoon snack.  At 4pm I had a “Creamy Chocolate Shake” (100 calories, 14g protein, 5 g sugar) – and just like the other shake, it was great.  When they’re made in the blender with some ice, they turn out really creamy and they are so delicious.  I had to share some of it with Landon and he loved it too. 🙂  Dinner was one of my lean and green meals that I had prepared on Sunday.  This one was 5 oz of salmon, 1/2 cup of tomatoes and 1 cup of steamed spinach – it was heavenly!! I will definitely make this combo again.

Today, was my first day at a new job – so it was a busy day with a bit of a different routine than I’m used to.  I definitely appreciated having bars as options to take with me to work because they are easy to eat, and so they made it easy to stay on track.  I’m a nurse, so regular meal breaks don’t really exist, and snarfing down a bar when I have a few free minutes fits perfectly with the demands of the job.  So, breakfast – at around 630am – was the same strawberry shake as yesterday.  Still delicious and filling.  Then, at around 8 I had a “Raisin Oat Cinnamon Crisp” bar (110 calories, 11g protein, 5g sugar).


It was actually really good.  It had little rice crispy-like things in it, and it had a nice cinnamon flavor.  I would definitely eat it again.

I got busy at work, so I didn’t eat again until around noon, but I didn’t really feel hungry so I think I might be starting to get used to the small frequent portions rather than 2 or 3 gigantic meals.  Like I said, I had to get something in while still working so I had a “Chocolate Mint Cookie Crisp” bar (110 calories, 11g protein, 4g sugar).


I think you can tell just by looking at it, that it was good too!

On my way home from work, at around 3pm, I ate the same honey mustard and onion sticks that I had the day before, and then a little while after I got home, I think around 4:30, I had the chocolate shake again, but since I felt like I could use a little coffee, I decided to try making the shake with iced black coffee instead of water, and BAM!! Starbucks-quality frappuccino!  It was awesome.


Then finally, at around 530pm, I ate the same chicken lean and green meal that I had on Day 1 – chicken breast, mushrooms and steamed broccoli – and that’s it for today.

I am finding that it works better for me to eat an extra snack in the afternoon rather than save one for the evening since I always seem to want something extra in the afternoon, and don’t really feel the need to eat anymore after I’ve had my lean and green meal.  So, that’s what seems to be working best for me for now.  It could change.  The flexibility is great though, so I can decide as I go along, what’s going to work best given what I have going on each day.  Having lots of different, completely interchangeable options keeps things interesting, and also prevents a busy day from sabotaging the plan.

So that’s it for now! Once again, thank you for reading this and for supporting me through this – knowing I have people in my corner really keeps me going!

Continue to keep everyone affected by yesterday’s tragedy in your prayers – and remember that blood donations will continue to be needed in the days and weeks ahead!


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