Day 2

I’m struggling a little bit with what I want to say today.  I woke up early this morning to the earth-shattering news that over 50 people had been killed, and hundreds more were injured in an epic mass-shooting that happened here – right here in the city that I’ve called home for over 15 years.  I commenced to send text messages to everyone I could think of who I love and hold dear, who might have been at that festival.  And although I didn’t have to wait very long, there were several horrible minutes where I got to contemplate the possibility that I might not get an answer from one of my sons, my best friend, or any number of people who are important to us.  It’s a very strange mix of feelings to be so grateful that the people you love are ok, while at the same time being filled with grief and sadness for all of the people who are not, and all of their loved ones, who won’t get an answer to their messages.  It just doesn’t make any sense – why things like this have to happen – I will never understand.  And yet, things like this happen and there we are.

I don’t know any other way to deal with bad things when they happen, than to honestly, just keep my heart open, and even though it hurts, just let it hurt until it doesn’t anymore, and lean on those around me while letting them lean on me so we can all get through it together.  There are amazing gifts in that experience, as strange as that may sound.  If you let it, it brings people closer together.  If you let it, it can make you love more and realize that since life is going to throw all kinds of crap at you that is out of your control anyway, and might also end at any moment, you might as well live it BIG! Do it up right while you can!

If you let it, it can also make you angry, fearful, bitter and mistrustful.  It can isolate you and make you miserable.  I choose NOT to let it do that.  Because if I let the ugly crap do that to me, then the ugly crap wins, and that serves no purpose whatsoever, and in the case of this horrific situation, I feel it also dishonors the victims.  Much better for this situation to cause people to come together, to help each other, to lift each other up and hold onto each other until we get through it.  It’s amazing to see that happening in Vegas right now.  I have never been so proud to call this city my home.

So that’s where I’m going to leave this blog for today.  I will continue my regular blog tomorrow.  Today just feels like a day for reverence, prayer for everyone affected by this, and quiet contemplation so that we can begin the process of healing.

Viva Las Vegas

las vegas

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