Dropping the Baby Weight – Day 1

Alright, so my first day of following my new nutrition plan is in the books.  I woke up this morning at around 6am, excited to get started, and not one little bit hungry.  BUT, part of staying on track with this program is eating 6 small meals throughout the day, spaced out about every 2-3 hours.  I set alarms on my phone for every 3 hours starting at 5am to help me to remember to stay on that schedule (5am is my usual wake-up time so that I can get some school work done before Landon gets up and/or I have to go to work).  So I slept in a bit today, being that it is Sunday – but as soon as I was up, I made myself my first meal of the day, which was a “Chia Bliss Smoothie” (110 calories, 11g protein, 15g total carbohydrate).  Here’s how it looked:


And, I gotta say, it was pretty delicious.  It was fruity and a bit sweet, but not too sweet, and it didn’t have any kind of weird after-taste that a lot of supplement shakes seem to have.  Overall, it tasted like something that I would pay $6 for at the gym juice bar.  So far, so good!  I had one cup of black coffee – I could have had coffee with almond milk in it, but I like black coffee, so that was just fine.  I started drinking my water as soon as I was done with my coffee – my goal is to drink about 80 ounces a day – I ended up drinking 90 today, so that was no problem – but there were a LOT of bathroom trips, I’m not gonna lie. 🙂

My next meal alarm was at 8am – I still didn’t feel particularly hungry, but to stay on track, I ate a “Creamy Double Peanut Butter Crisp Bar” (110 calories, 11g protein, 3 g sugar).

day 1-2

It was actually really, really good.  It kind of tasted like a rice crispy treat with peanut butter.  Pretty yummy – I was surprised.  So far, this thing was a breeze – no hunger, feeling good, tasty food.

I started preparing all of my “lean and green” meals for the week.  So basically, on this program, I eat five of the small meals provided in the plan, and then one meal that I prepare myself that consists of a lean protein and vegetables. I just have to make sure I’m following the proportions and types of food for this meal that are laid out for me. For this week, I decided to make 3 meals that consist of 6oz boneless, skinless chicken breast, 1/2 cup mushrooms, and 1 cup of steamed broccoli, and 3 meals that are 5oz salmon, 1 cup cooked spinach, and 1/2 cup fresh diced tomatoes.  Initially, I prepared 3 chicken breasts, but when I weighed them with my kitchen scale, they were all less than 6 oz – like a lot less – so I had to cook one more to make them all the right amount.  So basically, the lean and green meal is really quite a lot of food.  Which is great!!

The food prep was fun – I will probably do that every Sunday.  Having everything all set up and ready to go for the week will definitely make it easier to stay on track – especially on really busy days.  My 7th meal for the week will be a cup of romaine lettuce, 1/2 cup of diced red pepper, 1/2 cup diced tomato, 7oz of tuna and 2 tbsp. of low-carb salad dressing.  I will just whip that up right before I eat it – it will be better that way.

The next meal was at 11, and I actually ate it a bit early because I was starting to feel hungry.  Not too bad, just a little bit.  So, I had “Rustic Tomato Herb Penne” (110 calories, 11g protein, 1.5g fat):


Alright, so this was really, really good, but honestly, I would normally eat about 6 times this amount of this dish!  Which, I guess is part of the reason why I haven’t lost any weight up until now. 🙂  So, yes – its a small portion, but this isn’t some magical thing where you can eat as much of whatever you want and still lose weight, right? I made a point of enjoying every bite, and I had some tea with it – which is just black tea that I brewed myself and poured over ice – no sweetener – I prefer it without.  And actually, when I was done, I felt fine – no longer hungry, and I got on with my day.

The afternoon is when it started to get a little difficult.  By around 1pm, I started feeling hungry again.  It probably would have been better if I had been busier today, but I sat down at my computer to do some schoolwork, and I really wanted to snack.  I had 3 celery stalks, drank some more water – which really helps, actually – and although I had a little bit of a grumbly tummy, I was still feeling pretty good.  For my 2pm meal, I had “Zesty Cheddar and Italian Herb Crunchers” (100 calories, 11g protein, 3g fat).


There was a surprisingly large amount of this – which was good – but I just really didn’t like the way these tasted.  Just not my favorite.  I sprinkled some cayenne pepper on them to jazz them up a bit which helped, but honestly, I probably won’t eat these again.  But, I guess that’s why there’s a ton of different things to choose from.

My next meal was set for 5 – which was going to be my lean and green that I made today.  I was feeling hungry again by about 4:30 so I ate it at around 4:45.  It was SO GOOD! And plenty of food to fill me up.  I had the chicken today:


After I ate this, I did not feel hungry again.  I had another snack still for today – which is a warm chocolate chip cookie that you mix up with water and bake in the oven – but honestly, I didn’t feel like I needed it.  I ate it anyway, at around 7pm, and it was good. I’m not really a dessert-eater usually and I rarely ever eat anything after dinner so I think that I will probably change it up a bit tomorrow and have an extra snack in the afternoon, which is when I seemed to struggle the most with feeling hungry, and skip the evening snack.  In addition to this, I walked about 2 miles today at a very leisurely pace – I didn’t do any other exercise.

So, that’s it for today! I feel good about this so far – it was not that hard to follow, and I feel very motivated still.  It definitely helps to have my husband/coach cheering me on through this and helping to keep me on track.  It also helps to be surrounded by people who know what I’m up to and what my goal is because I know that will go a LONG way to keeping me accountable – especially in those times when the going gets rough and I’m tempted to cheat.  So thank you, for following along on this journey – it helps me out a lot!  I didn’t weigh myself today – didn’t really see a point, but I will weigh myself tomorrow and daily after that.


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