Week 3 Weigh-in

Well, its Sunday again, so we did my measurements and body fat AND, here’s where I’m at:  my weight today is 155.8 lbs!! So, that’s 12 pounds in 21 days that I have lost, and 3.6 pounds since last Sunday.  I’m thrilled with that!  My body fat today was 26.8% – when I started on October 1st it was 31.5%.  My bust/waist/hips on Oct 1 were 39/36.25/42.5 and today they are 38.5/34/40.75 and overall, I have eliminated a total of 10 inches in my total body measurements since October 1.  My body mass index on October 1st was 26.3 (overweight) and today, its 24.4 (normal).  My original goal was 145 pounds, so I have only 10.8 pounds to go – BUT, I know that those last 10 or 15 pounds can be the hardest to lose, so I expect that it might be a little slow from here.  But we will see – I’m just going to keep sticking with it and see where I can get to a week from now.

So far, I would say the results are beyond my expectations.  Like I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, the weight loss that I’ve been able to achieve in 3 short weeks really seemed next to impossible before I started this program.  SO, do I stand by this program? YES – without a doubt – I think that it has not only changed my weight, but its also changing my relationship with food and my habits in terms of nutrition.  Is it easy? NO – its not easy – well, actually, sometimes it is – sometimes, it’s unbelievably easy.  But sometimes its not.  Sometimes, I’m in a bad mood and I want nachos and beer to make me feel better, and the fact that I know that I can’t have nachos and beer – and that if I did it wouldn’t make me feel better anyway, makes me mad.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot this week because I now have a few friends who are either in the process of doing this program or are thinking about starting it, and I’ve been talking to them about their struggles, their expectations, and their reasons for wanting to get healthier.  And, so I will say this – there is no “quick fix” or easy solution to losing excess weight and developing healthy eating habits.  It would be great if there was, but there just isn’t.  It takes commitment to your goals and clarity on why you set them in the first place, and especially on certain days and at certain times, it takes grit – and lots of it.

What I love about this program in particular is that I know that, as long as I just stick with it, I will get the results I’m looking for.  So, even though its hard sometimes, at least I know that it will be worth it as long as I just stay with it.  Given that I have spent years trying various different things to lose weight and get healthier and have ended up with no results to speak of really, that is HUGE.  So when I’m wanting nachos and beer, sure it’s annoying, but at least I know that if I get past that craving and stick with the plan, I will wake up the next morning with tangible evidence that I am that much closer to my goal.  For me, that makes the tough times worthwhile.

SO! Today was meal prep day and here’s what I made:


I only made 5 pre-made meals this week because we are having a pumpkin-carving party on Friday, and I will be eating the white chicken chili that I make for the party that night, and I also plan to have one date night with my hubby this week so I will probably eat either a steak salad, or some sashimi on whatever night that ends up being.  BUT I am excited about what I made today.  The first photo is 6oz of boneless, skinless chicken breast, 1/2 cup of mushrooms and 1 cup of spinach.  #2 is 6oz boneless skinless chicken breast with 1/2 cup of mushrooms and 1 cup of fresh diced tomates.  #3 is 1 cup of zucchini “noodles” with 1/2 cup of sautéed tomatoes with garlic and basil and 7 oz of turkey meatballs made with 99% lean turkey – I made 2 of those. #4 is 7 oz of turkey meatballs with 1/2 cup zucchini and 1 cup of mushrooms.  It just makes me feel so good throughout the week to know that I have these meals ready to go.  I really look forward to them.

so here’s to another amazing week!!accomplishment

This is Unbelievable!!

I don’t know why I’m so much more amazed at where I’m at right now verses a week or two ago – maybe its because the changes are so obvious to me now, but holy crap – this morning, when I weighed myself the scale said 156.4!!!  It has been exactly 20 days since I started this whole thing and I’ve lost 11 1/2 pounds!  I feel like a different person, honestly.  I can fit into clothes that I haven’t worn since 2008!  And I mean, FIT – not just squeeze into and button up while holding my breath.

This is totally life-changing for me, which might sound absurd – I know that my results, and even my ultimate goal, might seem pretty small compared to some of the people I know who have lost 40, 50, 100 pounds on this plan.  BUT – just 20 days ago, I felt so unhealthy.  Sure, I felt bad about how I looked too, and I had become a person that avoided mirrors and photographs, but I REALLY felt unhealthy.  I mean – I Felt. Like. Crap.  That concerned me, and what concerned me even more was that I felt like I had tried everything that used to work for me, and the scale just kept creeping up and up – if you’re in your 40’s, I suspect that you know what I’m talking about.  I have never wanted to be a person who would just give in to getting older, and accept that it means losing fitness, gaining fatness, aches and pains, feeling tired and ultimately losing my ability to do things that require energy and physical strength.  That has NEVER been my plan.  I’ve said this before – but I have always wanted to be that 80-year-old on the podium at races. 20 days ago, and for the 2-3 years before that, I was feeling like I was losing my grasp on that dream.  I want to qualify for the Boston marathon – there was just no way that was going to happen, 25 pounds overweight – and just running was NOT taking the weight off like it used to.  But NOW, all of a sudden, everything seems possible again – that is just so cool.  AND, I feel like the sexy bombshell that I used to be when I was in my 30’s again!  BONUS!!  I’m not gonna lie – my last fueling of the day yesterday was replaced with a celebratory glass of wine. 🙂

So, what’s next for me?  Well, I still have about 11 pounds to go to get to my goal of 145 pounds.  I expect that will take about another 2 weeks – so for the next 2 weeks, give or take, I will continue what I’ve been doing, which is 5 pre-packaged “fuelings” per day, plus my 1 “lean and green” meal.  After I reach my weight goal, I will transition to 3 lean and green meals per day, and 3 fuelings – which will mostly serve as snacks in between meals, but will also be there to prevent me from skipping meals if/when I get really busy.  Now that I’ve developed a habit of doing meal-prep for the week every Sunday, I think I will always do that – at least for lunch and dinner.  I find it fun, and now, my BFF Sarah is on this plan too, so we can do it together to make it even more fun – and it is SO nice to be able to just grab a fresh, healthy and perfectly balanced meal out of the fridge whenever I need it.  For me, that will be a key element to preventing me from slipping back into bad habits – I need that convenience to keep me from ordering take-out or sticking a frozen lasagna in the oven, or, depending on the day – just having wine for dinner.  Haha

I will also start running and strength training again – which means that my lean and green meals will still be lean and green, but the portions will be bigger to give me the fuel I’ll need to train for a marathon.  I can’t wait.  Starting out lighter and in the habit of eating so clean will change my training experience completely.  Boston – I’m coming for you!

And, Go Sarah! You’ve got this, lady! ❤

stay the course

Still Hangin’ in There!

Hi! This is just going to be a quick update because I have about 3 hours of work left on a big group project for my differential diagnosis class, that I wanted to finish tonight.  I just finished putting Landon to bed – which is a process that includes a bath, brushing his teeth, lotion, pajamas, reading him AT LEAST three books, a lullaby and then a tuck-in.  Usually, by the time we’re done with all of that, I’m ready for a tuck-in myself! 🙂  Justin is out of town for his job – he left yesterday afternoon, and he’s coming back late tomorrow night, so I’m on single-parent duty right now as well.  My school schedule right now is a bit crazy – I have this big project, which is worth 100 points and is due on Sunday.  I have a pharmacology paper also due this week on Friday.  I have a pharmacology exam and a differential diagnosis exam next week, and a pharmacology case study due next week.  AND, I work three days this week – yesterday, tomorrow and Friday – and three days next week – Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  I think Landon is still working on getting his immune system accustomed to daycare because it seems like he’s just got a perpetual low-grade illness going on now.  It’s making him quite clingy, but really, really cuddly – so I’m not complaining about that.  I would really like to see him feeling better though!  Today I took him for two 2-mile walks and also took him to the playground to swing, which is one of his favorite things to do – just to keep him in a good mood.  We won’t even talk about the state of the vacuuming, dusting and kitchen floor right now….

So anyway, this blog is not supposed to be about me complaining about my life (and I’m not really complaining – my life is wonderful – its just super-busy!)  I’m supposed to be talking about my weight loss, because that’s what I said I would do.  Let me just say this though – nobody can ever tell me that this weight loss plan doesn’t work for people with busy schedules! 🙂

With all that being said! – this morning, my weight was 158.2 pounds! It is day 17 and I have now lost a total of 9.6 pounds.  So, I’m still sticking with the plan, and I’m still steadily losing weight.  I’m feeling good – its hard at times, I guess.  There are just times when I want something that I can’t have right now, and there are times when I get a little hungry – but its really not too bad.  Whenever I feel tempted to cheat on the plan, I just think about my goal and that keeps me on track.  I was really excited this morning because I pulled out some clothes that have been put away for a long, long time because they just didn’t fit me anymore, and some of them actually fit!! So that was exciting.  When they all fit, that will REALLY be exciting!  I ALMOST feel confident enough about the way I look to pull out some of my sexy lingerie to welcome Justin home with…..almost – not quite yet! 😉  But two weeks ago?  Not a snowball’s chance in hell. Haha

Anyway – that’s all for now – I’m going to eat my warm chocolate brownie (which is part of the plan!!) – and get back to the books.


Two Weeks In, 8.4 Pounds Down!

As of today, I have been on this weight loss journey for exactly two weeks!  So, once again, we did my measurements and body fat.  Here’s where I’m at:  My weight this morning was 159.4.  On Oct 1st, my weight was 167.8, last Sunday it was 162 – so, I’ve lost 8.4 pounds altogether, and 2.6 pounds since last Sunday.  I’m pretty excited about 8 1/2 pounds in two weeks, I’ve gotta say! My body fat today is 28.5%.  On October 1st it was 31.5% so I’ve lost a total of 3% of my body fat.  On October 1st, my bust/waist/hips were 39″/35.25/42.5 and today they are 39″/34.25/41.  My BMI when I started this was 26.3, which was in the “overweight” range and now its 25.0, which is in the “normal” range!!!  I’m really, really excited with these results in just two weeks.  Also, my clothes are fitting better – some are starting to get too big – and I feel really good.  Here are my pics from October 1 and today:

I’m not at my goal yet – I still have about 14 pounds to go, but I’m pretty happy with where I’m at so far!

So, the details of what I’m eating every day really haven’t changed since day 1 – this morning I had a bar at 6:30, and then because I was busy with my meal prep for the week I just had another bar at 9:30.  I had a chia bliss shake at 12:30, and I’m going to have a nice, warm cheddar biscuit at 3:30.  I’ll have my lean and green meal at 6:30 and then I’ll have a warm chocolate brownie at 9-ish.  And that’s a typical day – along with at least 60 oz of water – usually more – and a couple cups of coffee.  Yesterday I ordered some more food for my fuelings, which I’m excited about because I’ve got some different stuff coming – so I’ll share all that once it gets here.

Today is also meal prep day, which is always fun!

day15 1

The last time I made salmon for my lean and greens, it was just so heavenly – I had to make it again.  So, I seasoned the salmon with a greek seasoning blend that I have, which I love, and then I just cooked it with some cooking spray in my cast iron skillet.  To go along with it, I made some spinach – so each meal will be 5oz salmon and 11/2 cups of spinach.

It’s gonna be delicious!!

I’ve found that making 2 different things and just alternating them each evening is fine for me, and it makes the meal prep quite a bit more simple – so I’m just going with that for now.  Once I reach my weight goal, I will be eating meals like this for breakfast and lunch as well, so I will still prep ahead, but I will probably make 4 or 5 different things instead of just 2.  So, for my other meal, I made turkey burgers with zucchini and cauliflower.  For the turkey burgers, I used super-lean ground turkey, mixed in a little egg white, some salt, lots of pepper and garlic powder.  I measured out 7oz of the meat mixture with my kitchen scale, and then I mixed in 1/2 cup of grated zucchini with the meat mixture to make the burgers.  The grated zucchini keeps the turkey burgers nice and moist.  This made for some HUGE burgers!!  I was going to mash the cauliflower, but after I steamed it, I just decided to leave it in florets, and I added a little bit of chive from the garden.

I can’t wait to eat this – I think I will be having some of this tonight. 🙂  So, these portions are following the guidance that is part of the nutrition plan that I’m on.  When I first started this, I thought that I might find the portions a bit small because I was used to eating HUGE platefuls of food – and sometimes getting seconds.  Basically, I my pattern was to eat until I was so stuffed that I could not possibly eat another bite.  This is a big part of the reason for the “before” photos that you see above.  As I’m getting further into this though, I’m finding that this is actually more than enough food for one meal.  I’m now at a point where I am often feeling full and I still have food left on my plate.  I seems like my stomach has now gotten used to the smaller portions and it’s now plenty.  So that’s pretty cool because not only does that help me a lot with weight control, I feel way better after a meal as well.  It’s like being on this nutrition plan is teaching me how to eat properly, so I will have entirely different eating habits, even after this initial weight loss phase is over.

So that’s it for today – Happy Sunday!!

Crazy, busy week!

Well, I guess I’m discovering this week, that I don’t always have time to be a blogger.  This week, with me still adjusting to my new job and new schedule, Landon’s very first week of daycare, three mid-terms and all that, well, let’s just say it has been a long week! It’s been a good week in a lot of ways, but it has really been action-packed.  I think as we all get adjusted to the changes, things will start to flow a bit more smoothly but in the meantime, we’re just having to rise to the challenge.

SO, today is day 13 of my new nutrition plan, and I am still hanging in there – I’m sticking with it, and still going strong.  Last night, Justin and I had a date night, and I ordered a steak salad with the dressing on the side and had them hold the fried onions they usually put on it.  I just drizzled about a teaspoon of the dressing (balsamic vinaigrette) on it.  It was really really good, and I actually couldn’t eat all of it – I ate about 3/4 of it.  I did also have one glass of red wine, which is the only alcohol I’ve had since I started this.  It was nice, but honestly, I really could have done without it.  In the spirit of date night, we wanted to celebrate a little, so that’s why I had it, but I was surprisingly indifferent to it.  If you know me well, you know that usually, wine is everything.

Aside from the lingering effects of this damn cold I’ve been dealing with, I feel really great.  I’m noticing things that I really like.  For example, my upper arms don’t jiggle anymore, the waistbands of my pants aren’t tight (some of them are actually getting loose enough that I won’t be able to wear them much longer), and that little roll that used to be there in the back, between the bottom of my bra strap and my waist is GONE.  So that is all just absolutely great.  My weight seems to have been at a plateau over the past couple of days.  It hasn’t increased, but it hasn’t decreased either.  I’m still having a lot of sore throat, productive cough, sinus congestion-type symptoms, so I think there’s a lot of inflammation going on in my body right now.  Plus the stress – it has been a really stressful week and that’s not good for weight loss either.  But, with that being said, I’m still thrilled with the progress and I’m LOVING the way I’m starting to look.

I’m also wondering if it was a good idea to have pork in most of my lean and green meals this week – maybe there was too much fat in that, even though it was pretty lean pork.  I think for this next week, I’m going to go back to salmon and maybe make some turkey burgers or turkey loaf for my lean and greens and see what effect that has.  Next week should be a bit easier as well.  The cold should be completely gone, and we’ll be more into our new routine.  Also, as I learn the ropes at my new job, it just gets easier and easier – so overall, the stress will be less.  So, we shall see what next week holds for me – in the meantime, I am just really proud of the results I’ve achieved so far.  It’s only been 13 days, and I’ve lost just under 10 pounds already!  And more importantly, I don’t feel fat and unhealthy anymore.  I just feel really good about where I’m at now and where I know I’m headed.

My intention tonight was to keep this short – this weekend, we will do measurements and body fat% and all that again, so that should be pretty interesting.  Lean and greens for the week will be prepared on Sunday and I’ll post photos of that stuff then.

Have a wonderful weekend!

WooHoo!! I Broke 160lbs!

Alright, so this morning, my weight was 159.8!! Today is day 11, and I have lost a total of 8 pounds!  I’m so excited – I haven’t seen a weight in the 150’s in almost 2 years.  It’s awesome, and I feel amazing.

I had a super-duper busy and somewhat difficult day yesterday.  It was Landon’s first day of daycare, so it started out emotional, then I worked all day, traffic was bad coming home so I didn’t pick Landon up until almost 6 and by the time I got home it was almost 6:30.  I had to quickly feed Landon, who was very hungry and tired (he didn’t nap well at all at daycare), get him ready for bed, put him to bed, and then I had to write a mid-term for my Differential Diagnosis class.  Justin is out of town for work, so it was just me, which made everything harder, and on top of that, this cold I’ve been fighting is still kinda kicking my butt.  BUT – we’re doing fine, all is well, Landon likes daycare, the test went fine and I will love my new job as soon as they let me out of orientation. 🙂  I feel a bit better today, and Justin will be home tonight.  Being as busy as I was yesterday, I literally ate bars all day.  All five of my meals outside of my lean and green meal was bars.  Then, in between putting Landon to bed and writing my test, I ate my lean and green meal, which was 5oz of lean pork and steamed beans from the garden.  It was great, and everything fit really well into the day I had.  I honestly wasn’t hungry for one second.  I did stick to the plan, and ate about every 3 hours throughout the day, which is easy to do, no matter how busy I am, with bars.

I know that bars all day and then some lean pork and steamed beans probably doesn’t sound all that great – but let me tell you – this whole experience is completely changing my outlook and relationship with food.  And, as I said before, once I reach my target weight, I will begin replacing some of the other meals with real food – but when I do that, those meals will resemble the lean and green meals that I’m already eating.  And, it will be just lovely.  And to that you might say “but won’t you miss French fries and pizza and burgers and cake?”  My answer to that is an emphatic NO!!  Why? Two reasons: 1)Because I like the way I feel, and I don’t ever want it to go away.  2)Because I’m really learning to appreciate and enjoy healthy, fresh, natural food that makes me feel good after I eat it.  Let’s be honest – how often, after filling yourself with a burger, fries and a shake can you really say, WOW! I feel great!!  If you’re really being honest, you don’t say that, you feel overly full, sluggish, tired and maybe a bit guilty or even ashamed of what you’ve just done to your body.

The aesthetic effect of the weight loss is one thing – and don’t get me wrong, I’m happy about that.  There’s definitely nothing wrong with looking hot in a bikini.  But the health aspect of all of this means a whole lot more to me.  I’m 45 years old, and over the past two years, for the first time in my life, I’ve been struggling with my weight, dealing with hypertension, and despite all of my efforts to change that, the scale was slowly creeping up, pound by pound.  So, if I hadn’t made a big, lasting change, where would I have been a year from now? Two years from now? Five?  I don’t want to think about it.

In my differential diagnosis class, which is the one I’ve been studying for like a maniac for the past few days, we are focused right now on diagnosing and treating chest pain, so we are talking a lot about cardiovascular disease.  Here are some stats from my class that really put things into perspective for me:

cardiac disease stats

This photo shows the ratio of deaths due to sudden cardiac arrest in the US compared to other common causes of death.  Just really take a moment to look at this, and let it in.  Here’s another statistic for you – approximately 80% of those cardiac arrest deaths were COMPLETELY PREVENTABLE with lifestyle modifications – primarily, WEIGHT CONTROL.  There is an awful lot of tragedy going on in the world right now, but this to me is equally, if not more tragic – and we are all pretty much ignoring it.

Even more tragic than that, are the statistics regarding the epidemic that childhood obesity has become – this is the direct result of the terrible eating and lifestyle habits that we are passing on to children.  In my pediatrics class, we were given another awful statistic regarding this that shocked me: the current generation of children is the first generation ever, that is predicted to have a shorter life-expectancy than their parents as a result of obesity.


So that’s all very depressing and pessimistic, but its important to really take a look at because it’s simply the truth.  What’s great though, is that we really do have control over this.  Think about that – the greatest and most powerful killer in the world can be completely controlled and eradicated just by making some new lifestyle choices.  And those are: being a normal weight, eating a healthy diet, being physically active, not smoking, having a normal blood pressure, having a normal blood glucose level, and having a normal total cholesterol.

So these days, this is what I think about when I’m asking myself if I really want that pizza, French fries, nachos or whatever.  And you know,  I think there is a LOT more to life than putting fried, sugary, fatty, processed food into my face.  So, when I think about it that way, what am I really giving up?  Grilled salmon with spinach and tomatoes tastes way better anyway – I promise, it really does!!

One last photo for you – here are some of the other diseases, besides heart disease, that can be prevented by maintaining a healthy weight/eating a healthy diet:

obesity diseases

Getting down from the soapbox now…..thanks for reading!!


I Think I May Have Kinda Messed Up…

As of today, I have been on this nutrition plan for 9 days.  If you’ve been paying close attention, you may have noticed that my weight was 161.4 on Saturday, and yesterday it was 162.0.  Well, this morning, it was 162.4 – so I’ve been thinking about that – and let me just say, I’m not flipping out about it or anything because I think this is partly just something that is bound to happen when one weighs him/herself daily.  Particularly for women, there can be fluctuations due to water retention and stuff like that, so at first I was just like – whatever – I’ve lost 5.8 pounds and I’m dropping inches and body fat, AND its only been a week.  But then, when I saw that it had crept up a bit more this morning, I started to really think about what I’ve been doing.

I have not cheated at all – I haven’t eaten or drank one thing that isn’t part of the plan.  I have been following it to the letter, except for ONE THING – I changed up the timing of my meals, and I think that might be where I’ve gone wrong.


So, as I explained in the first post, the way this plan works is, I eat 5 pre-prepared meals, plus one lean and green meal that I prepare myself, every three hours – the first meal of the day is supposed to be within half an hour to an hour of waking up, and then every three hours after that.  I haven’t been doing that.  I quickly realized when I started this, that I’m not very hungry for the first couple of hours in the morning, and I’m also not hungry in the evening.  So, I got the brilliant idea that I would wait to have my first meal in the morning until I felt hungry and then cram them all into the time between about 7am and 5pm.  So that meant that I was sometimes eating every 1 – 2 hours at certain points of the day instead of every 3, and I think that might be messing with a key aspect of this phase of the nutrition plan, which is ketosis.

I’m no expert on the subject by any means, but in a nutshell, ketosis is a normal metabolic state in which the body burns fat for fuel.  This plan is designed to put me into a mild state of ketosis, and that is what is responsible for the rapid results and the loss of body fat.  The way that a state of ketosis is induced in the human body is basically by limiting the carbohydrate available for the body to burn.  As long as carbohydrate is available, the body will convert that to glucose and use that for energy – as that is the body’s preferred fuel.  In the absence of carbohydrate, the body will turn to stored fat, and burn that for fuel instead, which is what we want at this point.  We are all about the fat burn right now.  So – I’m thinking maybe, that by pretty much continuously putting food in my face between 7am and 5pm, I might have been limiting the time that my body was actually spending in ketosis.  Make sense? (or, I could be totally wrong – I’m just theorizing here)

I will say that, when I decided to change the timing of my meals, my husband/coach did try to tell me that it would screw up the plan to a certain extent.  And, I guess the one problem with my husband being my coach is that I don’t always listen to him when I should. (sorry, honey)  Of course, over time, the weight loss would occur anyway simply due to the calorie restriction, but it would be slower and less effective without the magic of ketosis.  (It’s not really magic – its science – but I like to call it magic) 🙂


So – today, I did it properly – I did not eat anything today that I haven’t eaten before, so no photos/descriptions.  I had that delicious caramel bar at 5:30, a mint chocolate crisp bar at 8:30, a strawberry shake at 11:30, a buttermilk and cheddar biscuit at 2:30 and my lean and green, which was 5oz of pork with steamed spinach and tomatoes at 5:30.  So I still have one more meal to eat today at 8:30 – I’ll probably just grab another bar because I have a lot of studying to do.  (I LOVE that this plan has the flexibility of being able to grab a bar when I’m busy, but also to make other stuff, like a biscuit or a brownie, or soup when I have time – the variety and convenience is really nice)

We will see where I’m at tomorrow, and if my theory is right, but no matter what my weight is in the morning, from now on, I promise to stick with the plan exactly!



One Week In!

Today is kind of an exciting day, because it has been exactly one week since I began this weight loss journey.  In some ways, it has been a very long, and honestly, kind of a trying week.  There have definitely been ups and downs.  Overall though, I am completely amazed at the results so far and REALLY excited for the days to come.  I’ve made so much progress already, I can’t wait to see where I’m at next week and the week after that.  Setting aside all of the circumstances outside of the actual nutrition plan that have been at play this week, I can say honestly that this, so far, has been challenging at times, but not as challenging as I thought it would be.  Especially at first, I did feel hungry quite a bit.  I think it took about 4 days for that to really stop being an issue.  Today, I really didn’t have any trouble with hunger – and whenever I did feel hungry, it was time for me to eat something anyway.  So, I’m hoping that means that its going to be easier from here as far as hunger goes.  Aside from having a cold – which is getting a lot better – I feel good.  I’m surprised at how much energy I have, actually.  That, however, is something that has improved over the course of the week as well.  It took a little time for my body to adjust to the changes, but now that there’s only good stuff going into me and I’ve gotten used to how that feels,  I really think I would really, really feel bad if I ate something crappy.  The same goes for alcohol – being the habitual wine drinker that I have been, I really thought going without alcohol entirely would be hard, but it actually hasn’t been hard at all – for the same reason – I feel really good physically, and I’m afraid that alcohol would mess that up, so I don’t really want it. (not too much, anyway – there have been moments this week where I did miss it a little bit – check yesterday’s blog)

So, let’s talk about my results so far!  Last Saturday, on 9/30, I weighed 167.8 pounds, my body fat was at 31.5%, my BMI was 26.3, we took measurements all over, but my bust, waist and hips were: 39-36.25-42.5.  Today, I weigh 162.0 pounds, my body fat is 29.1%, my BMI is 25.4, and my bust, waist and hips are: 39-35.75-41.5.  SO in just one week, I have lost 5.8 pounds, my body fat has dropped by 2.4%, and I’ve eliminated a total of 4 inches in my measurements.  I think that’s pretty awesome, and like I said, I’m really excited to see where I’m at in another week.

Today, I did all my meal preparation for the week.  I had some pork tenderloin and some chicken breast in the freezer, so I used that, along with the vegetables that I had on hand to make six meals:

There is just something so satisfying about preparing all those meals every week and having them all packed up and ready to go in the fridge.  I really love it! 🙂  So here’s what I made this week:

day 8-3

This is just simply 6oz of seasoned chicken breast, cooked in a cast iron skillet with some cooking spray, along with 3 cups of romaine lettuce.  I made two of these, and I ate one for dinner tonight.  While I was heating the chicken in the microwave, I squeezed the lemon juice on the lettuce, along with a little salt and a lot of pepper.  I have always put salad dressing on salads without even thinking about it – and if you want to give yourself a shock, take a look at the calories in most salad dressings – but I am really amazed at how delicious just lemon and pepper on salad is.  I’m not kidding – just as good as any salad dressing, as far as I’m concerned.  Especially when combined with the flavor of the chicken.  I like how being on this nutrition plan has made me really evaluate my eating habits and realize just how much I have been missing out on the natural flavor of good food by automatically smothering it in things like dressing, gravy and sauce.  I thought that this meal was both filling and yummy and I’m looking forward to eating it again. Anyway….here are the other meals I made:

day 8-4

This is 5 oz of lean pork, cooked the same way as the chicken, with 1 cup of cooked spinach and 1/2 cup of diced fresh tomatoes.

day 8-5

5 oz of lean pork with 1 1/2 cups of green beans that I picked from the garden this morning.

day 8-6

5 oz of lean pork with 1 1/2 cups of steamed broccoli

day 8-7

5 oz of lean pork with 1/2 cup of steamed broccoli and a salad of 1 cup of romaine lettuce and 1/2 cup of diced tomatoes.

For my other food today, I only had one thing that I haven’t had before:

day 8-1

This is a “Caramel Delight Crisp Bar” and MAN! this was good – see all that caramel on it? It was so good – I really liked this bar. It is 110 calories, 11g protein, 2g sugar.  I ate that at around 7am, then I had the chocolate chip pancake at around 9:30, the rustic tomato penne at around 11, a strawberry shake at around 1:30, the honey mustard sticks at around 3:30 and then I ate my chicken salad at around 5:30.  It is just after 8pm as I’m writing this, and I am not in the least bit hungry.  (If you want to see photos/details about the other food I just mentioned, look back at blogs from earlier this week – its all there)

So, there’s week one in the books! I’m happy to say that I am feeling WAYYYY better than I was feeling for the past couple of days, and I’m looking forward to week two!  Bring it on!




The Struggle is Real!!

So, first of all, let me apologize for not blogging yesterday.  I know I said that I was going to blog every day for at least 30 days, so I definitely broke my promise – I’m going to talk about what happened in a second here, but before I do that, let me say two things: 1) yes, its been a bit of a tough road the past couple of days, but I am STAYING THE COURSE!! and 2) my weight this morning was 161.4 pounds, so I have lost a total of 6.4 pounds so far!  I think that’s worth celebrating! Whoop whoop!

Alright, so real talk now for a minute: yesterday and today have been whipping my butt.  This week has just been hard – first of all, although the world is moving on, Sunday’s shooting is still weighing very heavy on my heart.  I’ve been really trying to just keep marching on, but I think its important to acknowledge that I’m still hurting over that, and I think I will be for quite some time.  Maybe forever.  I think a lot of people feel the same way, so I’m just saying – it’s still raw, it still hurts, and it’s still very much on my mind and my heart and underneath everything else that’s been going on, it probably has a lot to do with the way I’ve been responding to stuff this week.

Ok, so, I started a new job this week, which is GREAT! But, its also a source of stress.  I think most people already know this, but I’m working on my master’s degree in nursing in a full-time distance Family Nurse Practitioner program.  I’m in the middle of my third semester, and the workload is HEAVY.  It’s really hard, and takes up a lot of my time.  Anything below 80% is failing, so slacking on that in any way is not an option.  I’m definitely feeling some stress about how I’m going to manage school plus work plus Landon plus the rest of the family.  So, I have the new job – its a per diem IV nurse job that I actually am really looking forward to.  This week and through the weekend though, I have hours and hours of training modules that I have to get through.  I had a proctored mid-term on Thursday night, I have another proctored mid-term next Tuesday and a test in my pediatrics class on Wednesday.  On top of all that, Landon was sick on Thursday night, with a fever.  I was up with him for hours during the night Thursday, and woke up with his cold on Friday morning.

So…..Friday, I was sick, on very little sleep, dealing with a very cranky baby, trying to get these damn training modules done while still making time for studying, and I felt miserable due to this cold.  At 6:30pm, I laid down on our bed while Justin was filling up our bathtub for Landon’s bath, with full intentions of getting up and participating in his bedtime routine.  I fell sound asleep.  I woke up an hour later to Justin taking my socks off and tucking me in.  So, I was down for the night at 7:30 last night – hence, no blog.

Today was much the same, still sick, feeling totally overwhelmed by the work I need get done before the end of the day, and Landon is still not 100% so he’s been clingy, whiny and trying my patience in every way.  And you know what? I’m just going to say it – I want a freaking glass of wine (or four)!!  BUT – I am proud to say that, through it all, I have stayed the course with my nutrition plan.  I have not wavered and have completely stuck with it.  But my husband will tell you – I have not been very happy about it. (sorry, honey)  Even though its been hard, I really haven’t even seriously though about cheating – I guess its because my reasons for committing to it in the first place are just a lot bigger than my current circumstances.  So, I’m going to keep going and I’m going to reach my goal of 145 lbs, dammit!!  And if I’m not jumping with joy in the process every single day, SO BE IT! Nobody told me this would be easy, and I did not expect it to be.

I did learn something about myself through all this though.  If you had asked me a week ago if I considered myself an “emotional eater”, I would have said no.  When I hear the term “emotional eater” I picture someone sitting in the dark, crying while they stuff Twinkie after Twinkie into their mouth.  I’ve never been that person.  BUT, guess what? I realized today that I actually AM an emotional eater!  A big part of what had me struggling so much with everything that I have going on right now (and, to be honest, acting like a big baby at certain points), is that I didn’t have access to any of the usual comforts, rewards, treats and distractions that I would normally turn to in times like this – all of them being some form of food or drink.  Whenever I’m sick, I eat chicken pho – lots of it.  I’ve been craving that all day.  When I’ve had a super-stressful day, the promise of nachos and a glass of wine at our neighborhood bar at the end of it puts a smile on my face and gets me through.  I could go on and on with the examples but the point is, almost all of the things that I think of as a treat, a reward, or a source of comfort are food-related.  And not healthy food – fried, salty, cheesy, covered-in-sauce, heavy on the noodles and potatoes – type food.  So, now that I have realized that, I get to break that habit and re-shape my own expectations of what rewarding and comforting myself looks like.  I know that I can do it in a way that is both fulfilling, fun AND good for me.  I just have to shift my perspective a bit, and even though it won’t be easy,  I know I can do it!

strong photo

So – I didn’t take pictures of all of my food today and yesterday – everything I ate was combinations of stuff you all have already seen.  Just look back at past blogs if you want more detail about what my nutrition plan actually looks like.  But I did stick with the plan!!  Tomorrow, I will be preparing some new lean and green meals for the week, and we are going to do my measurements and body fat % again, just to see if there’s a change, so I’ll put all that in my blog tomorrow.

SO! If you are reading this, and you’re having your own struggles with whatever it is, just know you are not alone, and we can choose to be bigger than our circumstances.  Just keep swimming!!

keep swimming

Day 5 – Five Pounds Eliminated

First, let me celebrate, that my weight is down yet another pound!!  This morning the scale said 162.8, and I’m still feeling great!  Please bear with me though, today has been a super-busy day, and its not over yet so this post may be a bit brief.

I did not take any new photos of my food today, because everything that I ate was stuff that I have had before, but here it is in a nutshell:

So, that is a strawberry shake at around 7, a cinnamon raisin bar at about 8:30 (the only reason I had them so close together is because I was on my way to work and I knew that once I got there, I wouldn’t have time to eat for awhile), then at about 11:00 I had the peanut butter bar, in the car, on my way home from work at about 4:30 I had the onion mustard sticks, at about 6 I had the salmon and spinach lean and green meal that I made on Sunday, and after I’m done writing this, I will have a chocolate shake.  Everything was good – and honestly, I was so busy today, I really didn’t have time to think about feeling hungry.  I had plenty of energy all day, and even though I was on my feet a lot, I felt fine.

Today is the first day since I started this that I have been really, really busy – and actually, the structure of this plan really supported me in staying on track even though I was super-busy because I have the option of choosing meals that are very portable and quick, like the bars.  If I didn’t have them, I probably would have gone all day without eating, and my prior eating habits would then have me coming home famished and then WAAAYYYY over-eating, most likely something from take-out or at a restaurant.  Instead, although there was kind of a long gap between 11am and 4:30pm where I didn’t eat, once I did, it was still sensible, low-calorie, and filling.

SO – I was up at 5 this morning to study, worked all day, came home to a sick baby and then wrote a proctored pharmacology exam and I’m STILL totally on-track. (thanks, in part to my awesome husband who handled the baby so I could eat my dinner and get a little studying in before my test, and then bathed and put the baby to bed while I wrote my test – thanks honey!!) But I think staying on track through a trying day is something to celebrate today, in addition to the pound I lost! Hooray!

Thanks for following!